CBT in Menopause?

We are trained in using cognitive behavioural therapy, CBT, in menopause, which can help manage to distress of hot flushes and night sweats. It can also be used to help if you are struggling to sleep, if you are anxious and if you are struggling with low mood. We have support of a number of psychologists, to whom we can guide you to provide this, or any other psychological support you may need.

The British Menopause Society have looked at the evidence for CBT in menopause, in helping reduce hot flushes and sweats and used a group therapy over a 6 weeks course, with 2 hours a week to really help women understand their bodies.

Using a bio-psychosocial method helps to give an understanding of symptoms, a change in negative thought patterns, which consequently changes emotions and behaviours in a positive way. It looks at breathing techniques to reduce stress and at all forms of stress reduction.

If you are interested in this then please do contact me, this can be run as a group or 1-1 and it is very helpful for all women, but particularly those women who are unable to take HRT, maybe after a breast cancer diagnosis, and are troubled by their symptoms.

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