Do you prescribe regulated HRT or bio-identical compounded hormones?

All of the HRT we prescribe is regulated and the oestrogen and progesterone usually available on the NHS.

Bio-identical means having the same structure as a substance produced in the body.

Both estradiol, in the form of patches, gels and sprays, and the micronised progesterone, Utrogestan, are technically ‘bio-identical’ but these particular products are highly regulated bio-identical products. They are also called ‘body-identical’ as they are structurally identical to those found in the woman’s own body, but they are actually made by pharmaceutical companies. Regulated bio-identical hormones like these, are derived from plants, and are available on a standard, regulated prescription. They can be prescribed by our clinic or your GP/specialist in the NHS.

We don’t prescribe compounded bio-identical HRT. It is not recommended by NICE or the British Menopause Society. Compounded bio-identical hormones are made by private clinics in a process known as compounding. Compounded bio-identical hormones are not regulated and not available on the NHS. They are marketed as precise duplicates of the hormones from your ovaries after blood test analysis. The hormone combination is then made up by a private pharmacy. These combinations do not follow the same regulations as conventional HRT and haven’t been through the same strict testing processes for effectiveness and safety. The blood tests and hormones can also be very expensive – much more than the cost of private or NHS prescriptions. More expensive does not mean they are better.

Please listen to this link from the BMS, a video about this topic.

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