What are your fees for consultations, blood tests and prescriptions?


A new patient to Rowena Health consultation is currently £250 for a 45 minute appointment. This does not include any prescription or investigation costs.

A follow-up patient consultation is currently £150 for a 30 minute appointment. This appointment can review your care and is usually booked after 6-12 weeks and annually. This does not include any prescription or investigation costs.

If you have not been seen by the clinic for over a year, we will ask you to book a new patient appointment for a full review.

A quick question, trouble shooting appointment up to 15 minutes, perfect for in-between appointments is £95. This is perfect to discuss a blood test result, or ask a quick question, but is not long enough for a 6-12 week follow-up or annual follow-up appointment.


We do not charge to issue a private prescription for a medication like HRT, during your consultation. If a prescription for a medication is requested outside a consultation, then we charge a £35 administration cost.

Medication costs vary, the cost of the medication issued by us, like HRT, is not covered on the NHS, or by the HRT pre-pay certificate. The cost per month of each medication varies according to the product, and the dose you are taking, and it usually is between £10 and £40 per item. Prescriptions sent to your home incur a small extra postage charge. It is cheaper to get your HRT from your GP and we are very happy for you to do this if you prefer. We are also happy to issue you with your medication privately if that is more convenient.

Prescription dispensing fee outside of consultation £35


We do not charge for emails but we are only able to deal with logistical issues by email. Any clinical concerns we ask that you book an appointment, as per our practice policy.

Additional letters requested for other specialists £30, we will send an invoice to you if you request this. A short letter will be sent to your GP free of charge if we start medication or change your medication.

Private blood tests:

We offer a range of profiles for blood tests and only arrange ones which are necessary for you. Sometimes more investigations are needed we are ruling out some other causes for your symptoms.

Blood tests can either be taken at our Guildford Clinic or using Nationwide Pathology.

There are two fees for blood tests if we use Nationwide pathology, one for the blood test processing and one for the blood letting.

We have a contract with Nationwide Pathology and we will send a first invoice to you, to cover the processing cost of the blood (this cost varies depending upon which tests you require it can range from £75 to over £150 depending on the range of tests being ordered). This needs to be settled on that day, to avoid extra administration charges. Once it is settled the order is sent to Nationwide and a letter is sent to you with details of how to call Nationwide to arrange your blood test at a place near you.

Nationwide at the point of booking your blood test with you, will send a second invoice to you, to cover their blood letting fee at their clinic, which is usually between £35 and £70, depending upon which clinic you use in the UK.

We ask that you settle our blood test ordering invoice on the day that we sent it, to avoid us spending administration time chasing this up. If there is a period of time between you being sent the invoice and settling the invoice we may need to ask you to book another appointment to ensure the test is still right for you.

If you have your blood test done at our Guildford clinic there is one fee, and this includes both the blood test processing and the blood letting. Dr Sonnenberg lets the Surrey Cardiovascular clinic know which blood tests to arrange, and they organise with you the date and time of the blood test and they take payment and relay the results to Dr Sonnenberg, who will contact you when she receives them.

If your GP is happy to do the blood tests we are very happy to accept their results if you provide us with reports. We ask that you organise this yourself with your GP. Please email any results to [email protected] and we will upload them to your secure patient notes.


These will be fully refunded if at least 48 hours notice during the working week is given. After this time it will be difficult for us to fill your appointment time so a refund will not be possible.

We reserve the right to change our pricing in future without prior notice.

We are sorry that we do not offer discounts, and believe our prices to be fair and competitive.

Please note that booking confirmation emails may go into your junk email box. You should receive an email on booking your appointment from [email protected]

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