Ongoing care and prescriptions after your appointment?

Thank you for attending your appointment with Rowena Health. We are delighted to help you, whenever you need support, and are committed to providing your ongoing care.

We hope that you have found your appointment beneficial and we would be delighted if you would support us by giving feedback, we will send you details of how to do this. How do we help you with ongoing care and prescriptions after your appointment?

Booking appointments

We offer an online booking system which is easy to use and which takes payment immediately for all appointments. You will then receive confirmation of your booking, please check your emails (and junk). If you need to change your appointment ,to avoid disappointment please also check the appointment cancellation policy.

At each appointment we will discuss your ongoing care, confirm how you prefer to receive your ongoing prescriptions and ask you how you would like to arrange your future care with us, or your GP. We do send one reminder by email, for our agreed follow-up plan. If you do not book that appointment we will assume that your GP is managing your care and we will not send subsequent emails.

Your clinic letter

You will receive a securely encrypted email, attaching a clinic letter following your appointment, outlining everything you discussed with the doctor and any medication suggested. This will be sent within 7 days from [email protected]. Please let us know if there is anything you would like to change about your letter, it will be detailed with links to other websites for your information and support.

This letter and all relevant correspondence will also be shared with your GP surgery to keep them informed of your care. If you do NOT wish for them to know, please tell us on your booking questionnaire and at your appointment.

At the appointment we will agree with you a future plan. You should leave having a clear understanding of what will happen next, how to obtain your medication, if appropriate, and when your next follow-up appointment is due.

Please let us know if there is anything you would like to change about your letter, it will be detailed with links to other websites for your information and support.

Prescribing private prescriptions at your appointment

There is no extra administration charge to you if we prescribe medication during your appointment, but you will have to pay for the cost of the medication, to the pharmacy. This is usually between £10-40 per month per product.

If we are prescribing your medication we will share your prescription with your consent, which is given in your booking questionnaire, with CloudRx or SignatureRx, our online pharmacies.

CloudRX will contact you to arrange for payment of your medication, and arrange for it to be delivered to your home address, where you may need to be in to sign for it.

SignatureRX will give you the flexibility to collect your medication from a local pharmacy, a prescription token will be sent to you. Please ensure the medication you collect from the pharmacy is correct.

This prescription is not a repeat, if you need more medication please see repeat prescriptions, below.

We are only able to prescribe medication for you if you are happy for us to share this information with your GP, unless there are extenuating circumstances. We feel this is safest for you and your GP in case they prescribe anything which could interact with a medication which is prescribed by us.

Repeat medications

If you need us to prescribe your ongoing medication outside the time of an appointment please let us know 7 days in advice.

Repeat prescriptions can be obtained by clicking the repeat prescription button on the website. An administration fee of £35 will be requested, and a questionnaire sent to you, to complete. Once this has been received by us and checked, we are happy to prescribe your medication. It is important to write exactly what medication and what dose you require on the questionnaire when you complete it, to avoid any errors.

We prescribe up to 3 months of medication at a time.

Your GP can prescribe your medication ongoing, if you wish, please discuss this with them.

We ask that if you remain under our care and require us to provide your HRT prescriptions, that you are seen at least once by us in every 12 month period, for a full follow-up review. If this is not the case we are sorry that we will be unable to prescribe until you do this. If you have been seen for your planned follow-up appointments we can prescribe safely. Please tell us of any side effects to your HRT, or change in your medical or family history so we are sure we are safely prescribing.

NHS prescription

If you have told us that you prefer to obtain your medication on an NHS prescription, using your HRT pre pay certificate, then this request will be included in our clinic letter and emailed to you and your GP surgery, after your appointment.

You will need to contact your surgery to ensure that they are happy to prescribe and have actioned your prescription request.

Blood tests

If you have had a blood test, we generally receive the results within five working days. Results are reviewed by your doctor and a letter of
explanation, along with your results, will be emailed to you directly and shared with your GP surgery.

Private blood tests: we can use Nationwide pathology to arrange your blood tests, or we can advise you which female hormone profile to arrange using a venous blood sample at Medichecks. The medichecks profiles are not suitable for everyone so please discuss with us first. You can send us the results when you receive them.

If you have been asked to arrange a blood test we will send you one reminder to do this, via email, and will not send subsequent reminders. We will only be able to prescribe medication if all advised tests and information are up to date.

Follow-up appointments

We may suggest a follow up appointment to review how things are going. This can be booked online at any time and book via our website: We will send one email to you to remind you of our planned follow up, but as some people choose to see their GP for ongoing care, we will not send further reminder emails.

We realise that things may change and you may need advice sooner than your scheduled follow-up appointment so we have added a 15 minute online mini appointment to support you, which can be booked via the website. This is for simple questions only.


We are sorry that due to safety and our practice policy we are unable to give any clinical advice over email. We do not routinely charge to reply to emails, as email is only suitable for simple logistical queries only.

We are not able to provide emergency care

We do not have an emergency service or a telephone service, so in the event of an emergency please contact your GP, 111 or 999. Should you have a simple non-urgent query in between appointments then please submit this via email. We aim to respond within 7 days.

Contacting your Doctor

We realise that there can be a lot of information to take in during your first appointment. We include with your initial consultation the option to email your doctor with any questions or thoughts you have after the appointment. Please send your email to [email protected].

If you have detailed questions we may ask you to book an appointment to discuss these. We are not able to provide ongoing clinical advice via email the doctor reserves the right to refuse email advice and request an appointment where appropriate. If you have ongoing questions we ask that you book a 15 minute mini online appointment or a 30 minute follow-up appointment to discuss these.

How did we do?

We strive to offer the highest quality of care and service to our patients and your feedback really matters. All feedback is welcomed so please let us know how we did at your appointment. We have a feedback questionnaire which is returned to us, and is available at the bottom of your clinic letter, and we have a google feedback, which we would be delighted if you would complete.

Tell a friend

Talking about the menopause is important. If you’ve benefited from our care, you can help your friends and family by spreading the
word. As well as high quality individual care we also offer corporate support and training for businesses and public sector organisations so do get in touch if you would like further information.

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